Western, Rwanda



Mahembe washing station is privately owned and operated by Justin Musabyimana. Justin was born and raised in Mahembe sector, and began revitalizing his 11,600 tree coffee plantation after returning to his home after the 1994 genocide. In 2008 he decided to process his own cherries instead of selling to neighboring washing stations, which gave him the idea to start constructing his very own station. In his first year of full production, Mahembe's coffee took 4th place in the Rwandan COE competition. This was a sign of good things to come, as Justin has continued to produce good quality coffee in increased volumes. Mahembe coffee uses an 800Kg/hour Penagos eco-pulper. Fermentation tanks and grading channels follow the pulper, and all drying is done on raised beds. His current capacity is 50 tons of parchment, or 36 tons of green export grade.