Coffee Villages


Eastern, Rwanda



Construction began on Coffee Villages washing station in 2008, but the station didn't become fully functional until 2011. The station is built in Muhura sector, Gatsibo district in North Eastern Rwanda. It consists of one single disc pulper, 5 fermentation tanks, and 15 drying beds. The station has a capacity of 30 tons of parchment coffee per season, which equates to 18 tons of export quality green coffee. Coffee Villages is 100% owned by Tom Bagaza. He saw the potential in sourcing high quality coffee cherries, direct from growers, and investing heavily in increasing the productivity of the farmers around his washing station. The farmers he works with own entirely Bourbon varietals, with the vast majority being the BM-139 type. Tom is committed to increasing his efforts on agronomy training and farmer education as his business grows and becomes profitable.