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Gitesi Washing Station is a private station located in the Gitesi Sector, Kirambo Village, Karongi District in the Western Province. Gitesi was built in 2005 and began milling cherries in 2006. The altitude of the coffee grown in this area ranges from 1,700-1,730 meters. 1,830 coffee farmers in the area supply Gitesi with cherries each year. The station has a very good relationship with the farmers and gives them a bonus at the end of each season based on performance. RTC worked with Gitesi for the first time in 2011 and provided them with 60 million Rwf in operating capital. Gitesi supplied RTC with 34,000 Kgs of parchment in 2011.

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Transparency Sheet

Transparency is an important driver of efficiency and good governance at cooperatively-owned coffee wet mills and can lead to higher farm-gate prices. collates the most important production and financial information from participating wet mill businesses - from export revenues to incomes -and organizes this information into a two-page transparency sheet. The left-hand numbers are key indicators of production efficiency and farmer income for the most recently completed coffee season.