Rashidi D. Siwale


Mbeya, Tanzania



Rashidi D. Siwale is an individual farmer who purchased his own central processing unit with income generated from coffee farming. Since beginning operation in 2010, Siwale allows as many as 80 farmers in the surrounding area to utilize his washing station, with coffee grown from 1,400 to 1,600 meters in elevation. In 2012 Siwale had to settle with producing 20,000 Kgs of centrally processed, fully-washed parchment (CPU) and 30,000 Kgs of home-processed coffee due to lack of clean water capacity. After consulting Tembo for a start-up loan for a simple filtration system and machine repairs, Siwale expects to produce 50,000 Kgs of all fully-washed CPU parchment at full operating capacity.