Western, Rwanda



Mwasa washing station is privately owned by Alphonse Kayijuka, a farmer and business man born and raised near the current site of the station, and 10 other large farmers from the Nyamasheke area who all have shares in the business. Mwasa started operations in 2006, and sold it's entire production for 2006 and 2007 to Schluter. Mid season price drops in 2007, and the inability of Kayijuka to hedge his purchases, caused Mwasa to lose a large amount of it's operating loan, and led to it closing for the following two years. In 2010, Rwanda Trading Co. negotiated a three party financing agreement with the bank holding Mwasa's bad debt. In the same year, Kayijuka brought in the 10 large coffee farmers from his area to be shareholders. In total, the ownership of Mwasa owns close to 100,000 coffee trees that all supply the station. Since 2010 Mwasa has been in the black, and has repaid a large portion of it's past due bank debt. The station operates using a 3 disc pulping machine, fermentation tanks and washing channels. All coffee is dried on raised drying beds. Their annual production is 100 tons of parchment, or 72 tons of green export quality.